2019 Highlights


We’ve just got to start off by thanking everyone for their support this year, we couldn’t have done it without you all! We started our journey with a simple idea, unsure if it would work, and a little scared if we’re being honest…Fast forward 7 months and we’ve had a great 2019!

We’ve got quite a few highlights that we’d like to share with you, because you may not realize, but even the little stuff is huge for a small business just starting out!


After almost a year of getting everything set up, designing products, sourcing packaging, and building a website, the day had finally come. All of our ideas and visions finally came together, and we had a real business that people could buy from! We may both have business degrees but until you start one it’s hard to truly know everything that goes into it and let me tell you it is a lot. So basically this whole day was a great day.


Now this was just the cherry on top of finally launching. Getting a purchase is an amazing feeling every single time, but there’s nothing like your first sale. It’s just another reminder that hard work pays off.


We appreciate each and every follow/like/comment  on our social media . Not to mention, when customers tag us in their pictures and post them on their stories. This is absolutely huge for a small business, especially one just starting out, because we’re nothing without our party people! Our goal was to add some personality to your parties so seeing that come to life is incredible.


Social media may be a lot of things, but it most definitely is a community. We’ve gotten so much support from other small businesses, both local and abroad, and are enroute to building and surrounding ourselves with some pretty awesome people out there. We look forward to growing these relationships and creating even more new ones in the coming year!

All this has us excited to continue and improve what we already have, going into 2020. So we’ve got some exciting things already lined up for the new year.


We don’t want to spoil the surprise but we do have some new products launching within our existing collections as well as some brand new collections that we currently don’t offer. Stay tuned for more exciting party supplies coming in the new year!


A lot of our customers are locally based in the GVA and we want to give you guys, as well as people who don’t know who we are yet, the chance to shop in person and to skip the shipping fees! This is why we’ve signed up for the iMade market on May 9th in Vancouver. Mark your calendars because we hope to see you there!

Again, we’d like to thank you all so much for a great 2019. We hope you have a fantastic NYE and an even better 2020!

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