Holiday Party Tips & Traditions

The holiday season is upon us!

What does that mean? Parties! Whether it’s the annual office Christmas party, friendsmas or spending time with the family, the holidays are a great opportunity to get together. Planning all those festivities can be overwhelming so we wanted to share with you some of our tips and traditions here at Uncommon Party and provide some inspo for these three main events coming up.


It’s always nice to bring a little fun to the office and celebrate with the people you see every day. Most offices usually do some sort of activity, team lunch, or fiesta involving some sort of gift exchange. To some people, it may be stressful having to buy a gift for someone who’s personal life you don’t know that well. Well we have solutions for you!

  • White Elephant Gift Exchange – a great way to buy a generic gift and a lot of fun to play as a group! The rules are simple. Each person buys a gift (ex. Bottle of wine because who doesn't love wine?!)  and puts it in the middle of a circle or under the tree. Numbers are drawn to identify the order in which each person can choose and open a gift. One by one everyone goes through making the decision of opening a new gift or stealing a gift already open. No gift can be stolen twice in one round and in the end there can’t be any unopened gifts. It’s an exciting game and can help everyone learn a lot about each other’s likes based on the items they end up with!
  • Cookie Exchange – if your office doesn’t like to partake in the giving of actual gifts, a cookie exchange is the way to go. Those who wish to participate write their name down on a list (this will help everyone know how many cookies to make). On the set date, everyone brings their batch of cookies and the exchange happens. If all goes as planned, each person would end up with one cookie from everyone. If cookies aren’t your thing any baked good or tasty treat will do!


In a world where everyone is busy or living abroad, Friendsmas is becoming a growing trend in getting a group of friends together! We all know that as we get older it’s harder to make everyone’s schedules line up to get together (us included!) so this is a great way for everyone to reconnect. Our must haves for the evening are:

  • Pot Luck Dinner - this makes it less stressful for the host and usually results in a great variety of food. Extra points for homemade items because homemade is always better!
  • Secret Santa - or any of the other gift games above. Not only is it fun but it's also a great way to keep costs down by just buying for one person, especially if your friendsmas crew is a large one.
  • Games - Code Words or Cards Against Humanity are how we like to do it! Things can get pretty interesting especially if you've had a few rum and eggnogs throughout the evening.
  • Decor - you'll obviously want it to look festive af so you can snap pics through the night. Not to mention this is a perfect opportunity to have one of our witty holiday banners on display for some Instagram-worthy squad pics!


The holidays are filled with family events – dinners, festive outings, putting up the tree, or driving around to see the amazing lighting and decorations some people put up outside their homes. Here are a few of OUR favourite traditions:

  • Putting Up the Tree – if you put up a Christmas tree every year, why not make an event out of it and start the holidays with a bang! Whether you prefer a fake tree or go to the farm to pick a special real one this can be a bonding opportunity! Our tree decorating days are filled with Christmas tunes blasting, cookies baking in the oven and decoration everywhere!
  • Midnight Gift Exchange – if you’re not a morning person this is the way to go. After a delicious turkey dinner on Christmas Eve, the family stays over chatting and playing games until midnight. As soon as the clock strikes midnight everyone opens the gifts they have under the tree. This means some more family time and being able to sleep in the next morning! 
  • Christmas Morning Brunch – we're definitely bitches who love to brunch. So if opening the gifts on Christmas morning is your preference then add on a tasty brunch to keep the good times rolling. Top it off with some mimosas and you’re set!

We hope you got some fun ideas for your holiday parties coming up and enjoy the time with your family and friends. Happy holidays party people!

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