DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Box


Hello party people or should we say brides!? If you just got engaged and need some help popping THE question to your bridesmaids, we've got you covered! 

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

It's become quite popular to ask your BFFs to be bridesmaids with a gift box. There are lots of pre-set/curated boxes out there that are fabulous options, especially if you don't have time. That being said, they're usually quite pricey and when you've got a lot of bridesmaids it can start to add up. So this is why we've brought you a DIY guideline (under $40/box) that you can customize with items that your friends will love without breaking the bank!

1. Bridesmaid Bridesmaid Bridesmaid

The whole point of this box is so they know they're a bridesmaid so this item is a must. We went with a stemless champagne glass for this box but some other options are robes, sleep mask, clothes hanger, or make up bag.

2. Say my name

Everyone loves things with their name on it and it really personalizes the box for your bestie. It also gives them something they can use and hang on to for a while, reminding them of this special moment. This one includes a jewelry tray but some other options include a compact mirror, necklace or luggage tag.

3. Rosé all day

What better way to celebrate than with some bubbly! Henkell is a great option as their mini rosé bottles come in sets of 3 and the pink matches perfectly of course. You can swap it out with some champagne, full size bottles or any other beverage you like.

4. Sprinkles on top

Include some small everyday items that are fun for them to use. We included a scrunchie and hair mask because who doesn't love hair products?! You could also swap those for nail polish, bath bombs or lipstick.

5. Put it in writing

Not only do you need the card (AKA our bridesmaid card) to pop the question, it's also a great way to let your friends know how important they are to you! They'll likely know they're going to be a bridesmaid but they may not be expecting all the nice things you have to say about them so this step is a must!

6. Box it up

Finally, we recommend putting it in a box (shout out to IKEA) so that you get the real wow factor of taking off the lid and seeing everything together and so thoughtfully chosen. That being said, affordable gift boxes that work for this can be hard to find so if you have to go the bag route don't sweat it. Fill it up with some tissue paper, wrap it with a bow and you're good to go!
We hope you have fun putting these together because your friends will definitely love them!
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