12 Ways To Spend Valentine's With Your Girls

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s. The time where roses are everywhere, chocolates are stacked to the roof and people are suddenly in relationships. All great, but sometimes it’s way more fun to celebrate LOVE day with a good old girl’s night, single or not!

Want to switch it up and do something different? We've got your guide to Galentine's and the activities your girls with love!



Wine Tasting: We are strong believers in the Rosé All Day movement so it is a no brainer that this would top our list of things to do with your partners in wine. Find your nearest winery, wine bar or better yet, get all your girls to bring a bottle to your place and do a tasting at home! 

High Tea: For the girls who are classy AF, high tea is always a good option. Restaurants and hotels tend to have themed options and over the top decor for special occasions and Valentine's is sure to be one of them. Just make sure to make your reservation well in advance so you don't miss out.

Paint Night: If you haven't been to a paint night yet, you need to. Learn to paint, take home some decor, and just have a good time with your friends. These usually take place at a restaurant or bar so you can eat and have a drink as you go. 

Brunch: This just never gets old. Whip out your heels, get dolled up and switch it up by going to a fancier place you've yet to try. 

Spa Day: This is a go-to girls day no matter what day of the year it is. Instead of just getting your nails done though take it up a notch and do a full on spa day! Pamper yourself with a massage, facial and whatever else you like.

Sleepover: When in doubt there's nothing like a good old movie marathon and a sleepover. Our fav chick flick is definitely Sex and The City and when paired with PJs, face masks, and passing out amongst a pile of blanket and pillows you're in for a good night.



Salsa Dancing: What better way to meet someone than by going dancing?! Grab your girls and shimmy your way over to a drop-in salsa class. They teach you the basics and you swap dancers every few minutes. Think speed dating but dancing.

Fitness Class: Head to an evening yoga, spin or fitness class and you just might meet your next Valentine. You have a common interest, both take care of your health and don't have any plans...yet.

Happy Hour: This is already the happiest of hours. But this Valentine's, grab your girls, post up at the bar and people watch. You never know who you will meet doing the exact same thing.



Axe Throwing: Pull out the plaid and let off some steam by going axe throwing. It might feel intimidating at first but you'll get the swing of it after a few tries. Just make sure to keep your eye on the bullseye.

Shooting Range: Your local shooting range almost certainly has a discounted ladies night. So why not feel like a badass with your friends and spend the evening learning to shoot. 

I Hate Valentine's Day Party: When all else fails, follow in Jessica Biel's footsteps and throw an 'I Hate Valentine's Day' party. Just make sure you don't forget the piñata! 


We hope you got some fun ideas on how to spend Valentine's with your girl gang!

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